The Legend has Retired (don’t worry it is not me...)😂

Last night friends and family gathered to celebrate my husband‘s, Willard/Larry/Will (the three names require a whole different blog post), upcoming retirement from USAF (11 years active duty) and KYANG (9 years). At the beginning of our marriage, our life in the military defined us. It told where we were to live, it provided a group of friends that became family, and allowed our young marriage to develop by leaning on one another.

This week, I decided to throw this celebration. It was a quick planning. Decor ($18) from Amazon, Crabtree Candies (official Barn @ Gorge baker) made a fabulous cake, and my mother graciously bought a bunch of yummy appetizers from Costco that my daughter prepared while I met with brides yesterday.

The best idea that I had for this impromptu party was to contact all of those friends from our days during active duty and put together a movie for my husband. The only cost involved was time from those friends and me figuring out iMovie for the first time. Needless to brought him to tears and it was worth every minute invested.

Why do I write this story/ experience. I have planned and executed 56 weddings and in the process of 25 more. We live in a Pinterest designed world that dictates what our celebrations “should be” and “should look like.” Believe me, my decor last night was no way Pinterest worthy 😂.

As you plan your wedding, babies first birthday or any other celebration remember this...create memories and experiences. I attempt to always tell my brides as you walk down the aisle, look at the faces of your guests, parents, grandparents, bridal party and of course groom. Take notice to the person who is escorting you and what their arm feels like. During your reception, tell your love story. Whether it is through music, pictures, or a movie created by those who are most important to you. This is what will be the end of the night, the cake will be cut, the flowers will look tired, and the candles will all be blown out...but your memories and emotions will be there forever.

Summer 2002, NAS Keflavik, Iceland. He was active duty and I was on a college internship 😉.

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